Tub stockpiling

miromatic – Multiple stacks of tubs and lids can be stockpiled and automatically fed to the separating system, which cycles the tubs into the filling machine individually or places them on a conveyor belt. As a result, the machine operator does not need to re-load the packaging materials as frequently as a stockpiling time of up to 60 minutes is possible. Our systems are flexible and format-independent, from 0.5 kg to 12 kg.


Your added value

through miromatic stockpiling systems:

  • Your operating personnel can be employed even more flexibly, because the system does not need to be permanently loaded with packaging materials.
  • For one-track and two-track filling – filling possible during the production process
  • Can be retrofitted to all miromatic filling systems
  • Higher degree of automation and thus greater efficiency
  • Lower workload for the machine operator
  • Flexible system, aligned with your requirements
  • Stockpiling of multiple stacks of tubs and lids

Stockpiling systems for canisters:

  • Format-flexible, linear canister stockpiling (e.g. canister track station, canister set-down table)
  • Adaptation to / incorporation into existing stockpiling system possible


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