Process technology

miromatic – The modular process technology offers individual solutions for optimising system and process performance with the objective of increasing the efficiency of the production line, preserving productivity and reducing the environmental burden.

The process technology division also plans, designs and manufactures the following process engineering solutions in the foodstuffs industry:

  • Customer-specific valve clusters
  • Sterile air modules
  • Pressure vessel construction per the pressure equipment directive
  • Cooling and heating systems
  • Continuous mixing devices (KME)
  • Scraping heat exchangers (SWT)
  • Thermal product treatment
  • Servicing / system overhauls

Your added value

through miromatic process technology:

  • Process line savings
  • Optimisation of process and product paths
  • Reduction of product losses during type changes
  • Guidance and support with process-related topics/challenges, e.g. shelf life and service life of water-based products (e.g. paint, adhesives)

miromatic offers high-quality process engineering expertise – from concept design through to technical implementation.