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Filling systems

miromatic – With our experience, we offer you the perfect solution for your requirements. With our individually adaptable machine concepts, tailored to your product requirements, we can fill all fluid to paste-like products.

0.5 l – 30 l buckets

Having specialised in tubs, miromatic is now the leading manufacturer in this segment. Bucket sizes from 0.5 l to 30 l can be filled with our systems and they are suitable for products with a great variety of different consistencies – even sticky products. Alongside our core area of competence – hygienic, low-germ and sterile filling, we also offer a broad spectrum of products in the non-food sector.

1.0 l – 25 l canisters

Thanks to the experience that we have gathered in the hygienic filling of buckets, we are able to take the logical step of applying our expertise to other large containers. We are the first manufacturer to offer LOG3 category disinfection in the canister sector, whilst also achieving tremendous cycle rates. Alongside the complete packaging material disinfection, our core area of competence lies in machine hygiene. Our filling systems naturally comply with the VDMA directives for low-germ and sterile filling systems.

Your added value through miromatic filling systems

  • The filling output of the systems is individually adjustable
  • Format changeover can be carried out quickly and without tools
  • Hygienic, process reliable and user-friendly CIP cleanability for the product paths
  • Operational data acquisition for the filling system
    • Container history
    • Traceability of the user data / inputs

Bucket filling systems

  • Suitable for round, rectangular and oval buckets
  • Facility for film sealing
  • Packaging materials sterilisation for tubs, lids and film

Canister filling systems

  • Sealing of the outlet opening
  • Canister and lid disinfecting
  • Lid sorting and feeding
  • Lid-screwing system

Machine features/configuration variants

  • Closed machine concept
  • High filling accuracy through self-correcting, volumetric or gravimetric dosing system
  • Format-independent transport system
  • Fully automatic filling process
  • Product feed via
    • Product pump
    • Feed tank
  • Automatic chain and tray cleaning
  • Sterile air flooding of the filling area (laminar flow)
  • Container stockpiling, lid stockpiling
  • Integration into the process control system

We will assemble your filling system adapted to your individual needs and requirements.

Just ask us! We shall be delighted to advise you!