Mixing systems

miromatic – Utilises internally developed mixers in the process systems. The incorporation of process data enables precise reconciliation before and during the mixing process. In conjunction with the in-line process, this results in extremely gentle treatment of the products and a high degree of efficiency.

  • Continuous production of fruit yoghurt, cream quark, fruit quark and herb quark, as well as thermally processed cheese
  • Precision and low losses with type changes
  • Compact layout and configuration of the system in line with customer wishes
  • Bacteriologically compliant (hygienic) design of system parts – optionally available in sterile versions
  • Your added value through miromatic mixing systems:
    • Dosing accuracy +/- 0.5%
    • Low fruit and product losses when changing containers
    • Precision and low losses with type changes
    • Extremely gentle product treatment (with low rotational speeds, no shear effect)
    • Individual design of the mixing system to suit your process

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